The pandemic has created great opportunities to network virtually. Blue Ninja Julie had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with Freelance writer, author, blogger Shelley Wilson through virtual networking. Julie attended the Tamworth FaB Networking Group this month where she met Sharon Louka. Sharon is a great connection as she also provides business support, structured business systems and strong business practices and runs the weekly Ladies Networking at The Mill Catch Up which is where Julie met Shelley.

Shelley is our first guest blogger, if you are interested in blogging (or vlogging or podcasting) for Blue Ninja please get in touch. We need to support each other during these times.

Working Smarter as the New Business World Awakes

The Covid-19 pandemic reached every corner of the globe and affected all of us on a personal and professional level. Trying to find the positive in the negative has always been a driving force in my life as a parent and small business owner, and being in quarantine for weeks has given me time to refocus my plans, and slow down. 

Taking time to reassess your business goals 

Have you changed the way you run your business during the pandemic? If you’ve had to work from home has it made a difference to your mental health? Do you have a new respect for teachers if you’ve had to add home schooling to your resume?! We’ve all felt the impact, but have you taken any time to reassess your goals? 

I’m a freelance writer so working from home is something I’m used to, having my three grown-up children around, however, has been an interesting twist. My business includes face-to-face meetings, speaking engagements, and running workshops. That changed the second lockdown began. Like thousands of small businesses across the world, I adapted to fit the needs of my clients. Zoom meetings are now as routine as making a morning cuppa. As networking sessions became virtual, it allowed more people the opportunity to attend and connect – no travel issues, no time restraints, just positive connections. 

As we move forward, I can see the value in continuing virtual networking. The benefits of running meetings over Zoom will also have an impact on my time, business productivity, and the environment. I may no longer sit across a desk from my client, but my support is still authentic. If anything, it offers my clients more options and freedom.  

Keeping your customers informed 

In my part of the world, we see the restrictions begin to lift and how this develops over the next month or so will be interesting to watch. My clients are beginning to realise the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. We’re working together to update website content, send out newsletter campaigns to keep their customers informed of the changes, and refreshing social media content in readiness. 

My role has shifted from motivating my clients to keep posting content, to now getting them ready as the new business world awakes.  

No matter your business, it’s essential that you keep your customers informed. We are all feeling nervous about moving forward, clients and business owners alike. Some will be eager to get up and running, and some will be apprehensive. Either way, there needs to be communication.  

Having a strong support network in place will make the transition easier, whether that’s via a group or a VA (Virtual Assistant / Virtual Administrator)Don’t be afraid to ask for help as you embrace the new way of working. We’re all doing our bit to help the world get back on its feet by working smarter.  

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