In the year and a half our NGO has worked with Blue Ninja Business Support, they’ve provided invaluable support, skills and structure to our organisation which resulted in developing a detailed and robust business plan which enabled us to receive the much needed grant to enable us to support our membership moving forward. Their work was without exception excellent.

The team have aided us in several key areas of business planning with professional, efficient support including operational implementation, structural and strategic planning, Board management, event delivery and other high-level strategic deliverables.

Blue Ninja increased their scope accordingly to support the President, CEO, the Board, the Secretariat and the members themselves and interacted with the donor as required to work cohesively and became part of the team. They constantly re-prioritised in order to help us reach our ultimate goal of securing funds. There is no way we would have been able to achieve this important goal without the team’s guidance and support.

Their enthusiasm, can do attitude and skills has made it easy for us to partner with them, they’ve worked well with our team members, helping us to readjust to the changing landscape we now face.

We would love to work with Blue Ninja in the future and thank them for their hard work and patience with our fledgling NGO.