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Have you moved to the Netherlands and want to start a business?

You’ve got a great business idea but you don’t speak or read Dutch! How are you going to find the right information quickly and get started? 

So, this was us in late 2018, Louisa and Julie connected via a local Facebook group, met for a coffee and realised they had complementary skills. Louisa was running her award-winning Virtual Assistant business on her own and was looking to expand, take on bigger projects and have someone to bounce ideas off. Julie had just moved from the UK and being a ‘trailing spouse’ was trying to decide what to do with herself after 14 years of working in banking. 

After working together on some client work, within a short time we clicked due to our common passion for process improvement and decided to take the plunge and go into partnership together as a VOF (Vennootschap onder firma).  

So, this is where our journey starts, but what next and what to do first! 

Learn all about setting up and registering your business in The Netherlands.

This is the course we wish we had when we set up our business! 

Hang on….Isn’t this information already available?

From a quick google you may have already found the Dutch Chamber of Commerce / KVK website and know that you need to register your business, but what does that involve, do you need a company bank account, a website, a business plan??? 

So, this is why we created this course for you, so you have all the information and top tips in one place ready to get you going. Join us and we can share what we learned on our journey and you’ll have a good foundation to start your business. 

What you get as part of the course

6 concise video modules of around 10-15 minutes that you can view at your own pace


Each module has assignments to help you build your business framework as you work through the course

Our knowledge and experience has been consolidated into one course, information we’ve found and learned along the way

Course Curriculum

Welcome from Julie Taylor & Louisa Stewart

  • Welcome – let’s get started

Module 1 – What to think about before you start

  • What to think about before you start
  • Assignment 1 – Define your reasons for Starting a Business
  • Assignment 2 – Choosing your business name

Module 2 – Registering at the KVK

  • Registering at the KVK
  • Assignment 1 – Finding your local KVK and booking
  • Assignment 2 – – Checklist – what you need for your KVK appointment

Module 3 – Selecting the right company bank account

  • Selecting the right company bank account
  • Assignment 1 – Developing a Business Plan
  • Assignment 2 – Dos and Donts of Preparing a Business Plan

Module 4 – Developing your business identity

  • Developing your business identity
  • Assignment 1 – Ideas to developing a high-performing website

Module 5 – Finding your support network

  • Finding your support network
  • Assignment 1 – Develop a Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile

Module 6 – Setting up your tools / documentation

  • Setting up your tools / documentation
  • Assignment 1 – SWOT Template
  • Assignment 2 – Software comparison table
  • Assignment 3 – CRM Report

A bit about the course developers Louisa Stewart & Julie Taylor 

Louisa Stewart & Julie Taylor are non-Dutch speakers living in the Netherlands. Louisa started Blue Ninja Business Support as a sole trader (eenmanzaak) and when she met Julie they decided to go into partnership (VOF) in late 2018.

They have negotiated the challenges of being non-Dutch speakers setting up and running their company in The Netherlands.

A timeline of best practice would have helped them to get up and running quickly so they’ve created the course to help you.

“We’ve had a few oops moments and had to learn quickly. We’ve been there and done that and pulled all the information into one place.”

Still not sure? Watch Louisa and Julie as they share their story on registering Blue Ninja Business Support in The Netherlands. 

It’s been a really helpful course and certainly felt like I’ve had you holding my hand at each step. I’ve made my appointment with the KvK and bought my domains which I definitely would not have done had I not done the course! 

Claire Worland

The English Theatre Company


I was definitely lost in the beginning. I think after three years, I decided to hire someone to help me a little bit.

It was just kind of a big grey cloud and I was just going through it and not knowing where I’m going to end up or if everything is okay…

Simona Graszl

Simona Graszl Photography

It was just so difficult to get the information to get in contact with the right people at the right time.

Everything was a little bit more difficult than it should have been.

Neil Dolan

Neil Dolan Dance

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