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Small Business Interviews with Blue Ninja

One of the challenges we faced when setting up Blue Ninja was navigating through the system of setting up in a country where English wasn’t the primary language, and the business structure was a little different to what we had previously known. 

Blue Ninja Julie interviews small business owners from a vareity of backgrounds and business industries on their experiences in setting up a business in The Netherlands, and how things are going. 


Interview with Neil Dolan from Neil Dolan Dance and his experience in deciding to stay after finding love and the challenges he faced to insert himself into the professional dance community.


Interview with Simona Graszl from Simona Graszl Photography and A Year In A Life and her decision to stay in The Netherlands and set up her small business. 


Interview with Spyridiola Patouna from Psychotherapy Now and the development of her small business in Leiden.


Emma Smillie from Flolab chats with Blue Ninja Julie on burnout, fears and opportunities of growing her small business in The Hague.

Are you thinking about setting up and registering a business in The Netherlands?

Blue Ninja have a course that is perfect for you! We’ve been there and done that – this is the course we wish we had when we set up our business! Find out more on our page Tips & Tricks for Setting Up A Business in The Netherlands

“We’ve had a few oops moments and had to learn quickly. We’ve been there and done that and pulled all the information into one place.”

Still not sure? Watch Louisa and Julie as they share their story on registering Blue Ninja Business Support in The Netherlands. 

I was actually very nervous because I didn’t know what it actually means opening a business here.

Neil Dolan

Neil Dolan Dance

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I was definitely lost in the beginning. I think after three years, I decided to hire someone to help me a little bit.

It was just kind of a big grey cloud and I was just going through it and not knowing where I’m going to end up or if everything is okay…

Simona Graszl

Simona Graszl Photography

It was just so difficult to get the information to get in contact with the right people at the right time.

Everything was a little bit more difficult than it should have been.

Neil Dolan

Neil Dolan Dance

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