Many business owners struggle to stay visible online at this time of year or worry about what to say to their customers and clients. The global pandemic has heightened these anxieties leaving many businesses unsure about the content their audience would appreciate, or if to bother sharing content at all.

We can all agree that it’s been a roller coaster year, but staying focused on your productivity is just as essential now. Learning to adapt, survive, and evolve are big themes for all of us at the moment.

Focus on a content strategy

Focusing on a strategy is the easiest way to maintain your online visibility. It’s worth taking time to brainstorm, plan, and implement your action steps, especially during the festive season, to ensure the hard work you’ve put in over the year continues to convert.

Businesses continued to operate throughout the global pandemic, so it’s safe to assume that thousands of companies will be operational over Christmas and New Year. Content is the lifeblood of any company as it allows direct communication with your target audience.

I offer support, advice, and guidance that helps business owners who are feeling a bit overwhelmed. If they’re unsure what to share on their blog, I take away some of that stress. SEO and visibility may not be top of your Christmas to-do list, but it’s wise to keep your content ticking over at this time of year and attracting users to your platforms.

Here are my top three tips for content that allows you to maintain online visibility over the festive season.

Sales Content

Sales information is the most prominent style of content, but the one most of us forget or feel weird about sharing. Yes, you may be breaking up for a week over Christmas, but your business will still be there, and more importantly, your audience will always be searching for you. Think about your sales content into its simplest form – it’s how you provide necessary details about what you offer or sell, with easy instructions on how to access these products or services. Your content should have a mix of themes no matter if you’re looking at your social media platforms, newsletters, or blog content. 1 in every 5 posts should be sales related.


Authority Content

You know your stuff! Your authority content is going to help convert potential clients once they realise they can’t live without your products or services. The authority (or value) content you share should always solve your customers’ issues. What troubles your client? What do they struggle with? What keeps them awake at night? How can you help them, and why should they trust you to deliver?


Educational Content

Think of this as the Q&A section of your content plan. By answering those burning questions that your ideal client might be asking, you place yourself in a position to convert them into your business cheerleaders. Educate and entertain your audience, but ultimately you need to help them work with you. Using case studies or testimonials is a great way to share educational content.


Every business needs a ninja

I was honoured to write this guest post for the Blue Ninja team as I see how their understanding of productivity, project management, and maintaining visibility suits their clients’ needs. They see first-hand how having a focus and a plan is a smart choice. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team and appreciate the value they add to their clients’ businesses and professional development.


This guest post was written for Blue Ninja by Shelley Wilson, an author and business blogger supporting small to medium sized businesses with their written projects and blog posts.


Shelley has created an eBook of Blog Content Ideas for Busy Small Business Owners that is available to buy on her website.

She also offers a Blog Content Power Hour to help businesses get clear on their blogging focus for the year ahead. You can book an appointment HERE.


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