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which NINJA do you need?

Which Ninja Do You Need? 

Selecting the type of Blue Ninja you need is easy. Work through each of the Ninja profiles and determine which elements you require. Click each of the Ninja’s to find out more as well as some useful articles and resources to guide you through each of the support functions. 

You may need different Ninjas for different reasons. We have the skills, knowledge and resources to cover all your administrative needs. 

Not sure which Blue Ninja you need? Reach out and have a chat with us. Often a problem or concern needs to be worked through before the right Ninja can be assigned.   

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Process Ninja

Businesses should have documented processes in place to help guide in the management and operations of their business. We assist businesses to optimise productivity by documenting and organising information coherently and appropriately for their type of business.

A Process Ninja supports clients with the following Process Management elements: 

  • Process Mapping
  • Data Analysis
  • Information Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Documenting Best Practice
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Process Improvement
  • Team Induction / Exit Procedures

Project Ninja

We evaluate projects as simple or as complex as required. We help businesses define the plan and goal of their project, timescales, deliverables and tasks along with tracking the project, complying with project parameters and requirements.

A Project Ninja supports clients with the following Project Management elements:


  • Requirements gathering
  • Business case development
  • Gap analysis
  • Project mapping (including risks and issues)
  • Tools and resources / skills and capabilities
  • Benefits realisation
  • Testing including tracking success criteria
  • Contingency Planning
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Cost management
  • Milestone planning and key decision points
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project implementation
  • Scalable and sustainable evaluation
  • Post implementation review

    Admin Ninja

    A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a key support function when businesses need an extra pair of hands to help with a range of operating tasks. With the ability to manage many key functions online, having a virtual assistant can really turn progress into success. We provide two types of administrative support, a VA and a higher-level Virtual Administrator (we define this as VA+). A VA+ will assess tasks in terms of how they fit into the bigger picture of the team, processes and projects.

    An Admin Ninja supports clients with the following business elements:

    • Virtual Team Management
    • Event & Meeting Management
    • Executive Assistance (as well as Board / Directors)
    • Team Task Optimisation & Project Delivery
    • Data Management (including filing systems)
    • Tenders / Grant Applications / contract checks
    • Process & Procedure Optimisation
    • Client Management (including suppliers and other stakeholders)
    • Filing
    • Online transitioning


        Blue Ninja are an Award-winning VA business:

      Report Ninja

      By reporting and monitoring performance, businesses can critically analyse progress against goals and objectives. We review, evaluate and report using the business products already in place, as well as provide recommendations that fit the business’s needs.

      A Reporting Ninja supports clients with the following performance elements:


      • Gap identification & analysis
      • Requirements gathering
      • Data review
      • Monitoring
      • Evaluation
      • KPI’s Key Performance Indicators (creation or review)
      • Exception reporting
      • Scalable and sustainable evaluation
      • Continuous improvement
      • Management of Business Information production

        Ninja Me

        As our world is increasingly online you need to show a consistent coherent story about yourself, or your brand and business, why would someone choose you? You need to get across in a succinct way, we can help you show your uniqueness, your unique selling point (USP).

        Ninja Me supports individuals or clients with the following value add elements: 

        • CV review and feedback 
        • LinkedIn Profile review and feedback 
        • Promotional video editing 
        • Website review and analysis 
        • Website updates 
        • Video posting to YouTube 
        • Branding analysis 
        • Product / Services evaluation and advice 

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