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Blue Ninja Consulting limited

Blue Ninja Consulting Limited

Blue Ninja Consulting Limited was established in 2013 (Scottish company registered SC443812) to provide virtual assistance to international NGOs and small businesses across the UK and Internationally.

Blue Ninja Consulting has a number of services, and tailors the requirements to the needs of the business. If you have some administrative requirements but are not sure what you need, we can evaluate your requirements with you and provide a package to suit your business.

Blue Ninja can really make a difference to businesses with visibility to external stakeholders (social media, website management); business management (procedural structure, process & procedure investigation); and growth and development (events, grants, innovation). 


Louisa Stewart

Louisa Stewart

CEO and Founder

Louisa has more than 18 years of experience in international administrative support across a number of sectors including public and private. Louisa sees how processes fit together and has a talent for spotting gaps and opportunities. Louisa’s skills are wide-ranging and her skillset is tailored to the client’s requirements. Louisa brings a fresh way of thinking and new ideas to her projects and adds value wherever she can. 

Louisa set up Blue Ninja to provide a service in an area of high-level administrative consultancy. 

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The development of Blue Ninja Business Support in The Netherlands

Louisa moved to The Netherlands in 2018 and wanted to be able to find her feet in a new country. Blue Ninja Business Support was established in NL to work with local businesses and more into Europe and Blue Ninja Consulting would manage clients only in the UK. At the end of 2018 Louisa met Julie Taylor and a partnership was born, still keeping the Blue Ninja identity which is considered trustworthy and reliable. 

Blue Ninja Consulting (Blue Ninja UK) and Blue Ninja Business Support (Blue Ninja NL) have an MOU which outlines that Blue Ninja NL will provide support to Blue Ninja UK on specific contracts moving forward. Louisa continues to direct both companies. 


Virtual Assistant of the Year Scotland 2017

Finalist – Farm Business Innovation Business Service Awards 2017

Runner-up UK Outstanding VA – 2018

Graduate 2018 – The Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training (VACT) Mastery Course


Working with Bloomberg Philanthropes

Louisa worked on two international grants programmes led by Bloomberg Philanthropies through the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and the Global Road Safety Partnership. 

The programmes have delivered of $500 million in grants which has reached millions of people over 35 countries. 

Louisa was instrumental in developing the grants administration procedures, grants platforms and processing the grants applications and contracts alongside the international teams and the donor. 

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