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What Is An Admin Ninja?

An Admin Ninja is a reliable extra resource for your business. It is often small jobs that take up a lot of your time – it’s time to outsource these to a professional. 

A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is a key support function when you need extra support for your operating tasks. With the ability to manage most business key functions online, knowing you have a trusted assistant working remotely for you can really turn progress into success. 

A Virtual Administrator, or VA+, takes administrative support to the next level. An administrator assesses tasks in terms of how they fit into your business bigger picture with the team, processes and projects. 

If you are not sure what you can outsource, we can provide clarity on what business tasks can be outsourced. Our aim is to make the process of bringing in support as seamless as possible. 

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What An Admin Ninja Can Do For Your Business

We have two levels of Admin Ninja support – VA and VA+ and assist clients with the following business elements:


  • Virtual Team Management
  • Event & Meeting Management
  • Executive Assistance (as well as Board / Directors)
  • Team Task Optimisation & Project Delivery
  • Data Management (including filing systems)
  • Tenders / Grant Applications / Contract Checks
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) software setup and implementation
  • Process & Procedure Optimisation
  • Client Management (including suppliers and other stakeholders)
  • Paperwork Filing / Filing System Development
  • Online transitioning

Did we mention co-founder Louisa Stewart is also an award-winning VA?

Your business is in trusted hands when you work with Blue Ninja Business Support. 



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