Alleviate the stress and worry in using your tools and systems.

You just want things to work. We hear you! We want using tools and systems to be an enjoyable experience.

You may worry about the choices you make when choosing something to manage your business needs.

Take the worry out of implementing and using tools for your business with Blue Ninja and make your tools and systems a part of your team.

Blue Ninja – Helping businesses to navigate tools and systems.  

Blue Ninja is currently undergoing a major update so please bear with us as we update our packages and information.  


Free up time

We’ll handle tasks you don’t want to do. As a business owner, you need to stay sharp. It’s very easy to get lost in setting up and learning new tools. Let us handle those for you so you can start on the right foot and save hours of frustration.

Focus on what you do best

Time is money and your time is precious. As a business owner, you need the time and energy to show up for yourself, your team, and your clients. We handle all the background stuff so you can continue shining by doing what you do best.


Grow your business

With more time and energy on your hands you can focus on exploring more opportunities to get more clients and grow your business and revenue – without focusing on the boring and complex background details.

2021 – Winner – Corporate Vision – Leading Providers of International Virtual Business Support

2021 – Finalist – UK Business Awards Best Online Business

2021 – Finalist – Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards 2021 Woman Who Achieves Internationally

2021 – Shortlisted – Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) SME Award

2020 – Shortlisted – Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Why does a business need a Ninja?

Blue Ninja provides bespoke services that help businesses reach their growth and profit potential.

There’s only 24 hours in a day. There are a lot of long and time consuming tasks that come with running a coaching business. We understand that it can be overwhelming, especially when you want to focus on your coaching.

Our mission is to make your professional life easier. We understand your goals and business operations to find areas where we can automate or simplify time consuming and often critical tasks. What looks like a small piece of work can often turn into a large project. We work with you to stay on top of things.

We are backed by more than 30 years of experience in process development, project management and administrative management in its many forms and have the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to support your business. We work internationally, across multiple sectors and cross-culturally and cut through the complications to look for the most logical and best way to work.

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign, our email automation program. Our open rates increased and our click rates are also higher. They both have a lot of expertise and were very helpful.

Tineke Rensen

Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to

I first worked with the Ninjas with another client of mine. I was immediately impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail. As my company began to grow, I knew that I needed to ensure that certain aspects of the services I were offering were done well and competently, but I was lacking the time to train internal staff or do it myself. So I reached out to Julie and Louisa. Like the Ninjas they

Araminta Jonsson

The Path of a Ninja

What happens when you hire a Ninja for your business?

A Ninja will:

  • Align with your brand and your goals
    Navigate your existing business to find areas for improvement
  • Develop a trusting relationship and be sensitive to your team
  • Juggle time-consuming and complex tasks
  • Be a valuable support function
  • Provide a proactive approach to growing your business
  • Offer a flexible and adaptive resource to support your business
  • Bring to light the key elements of your team and your business
  • Bring an experienced, objective and honest view of what your business needs to improve operations

What can a Ninja help with?

Manage your Leads and Customers:

    • Research
    • Development
    • Maintenance
    • Improvement
    • Email marketing flows
    • Marketing Automations
    • Documentation
    • Website Integration

Improve Internal Systems such as:

    • Client onboarding & Offboarding
    • Project Management
    • Systems Optimisation

Improve External Systems such as:

    • Social Media Management
    • Website Maintenance
    • System integrations


Not sure which services you need? Tell us about your challenges and we'll see how we can help.

Orange Belt

Improving Your Foundations

Green Belt

Growing Your Business

Blue Belt

Building Your Business Efficiency

Brown Belt

Nurturing Your Community

Black Belt

The Sky's
the Limit


What Will a Ninja Bring To Your Business?

We are a Value-added Service

Our mission is to help your business grow efficiently. We are creative and resourceful to provide plans and backup plans to reach your goals. We draw on our different backgrounds and strengths to bring a fresh, varied perspectives. Our services free up resources and drive growth, saving you time, money, stress, and headaches.

We are Flexible and Adaptable

We believe in flexibility in adaptability to build healthy and efficient working relationships. Our services encourage the optimal engagement of people, processes and procedures to achieve smoother operations and effective outputs. Dealing with change is nothing new to us. We are calm under pressure and are quick to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market.

We are Proactive in our Approach

We consider best practice and continuous improvement key to a successful and profiable strategy. We are always looking to identify and promote growth opportunities. We think both big and small, seeing the big picture while also paying attention to detail and clearly documenting processes.

We work with a Global Mindset

We are diligent and think internationally. Our team members have years of experience working with international teams and companies. We have a strong awareness of cultural differences and ensure a win-win situation for everyone we work with.

Who Are Blue Ninja?

We are Julie Taylor and Louisa Stewart, the Co-directors of Blue Ninja. We're on a mission to help coaches reach their growth and profit potential while simplifying their working lives.

We're both based in The Netherlands but we work internationally with English speaking clients to apply best practice to virtual business management for a smoother day-to-day.

Using our expertise we deliver bespoke services and aim to streamline your operations and improve time consuming tasks to optimise your working practices. 


Julie Taylor and Louisa Stewart

Blue Ninja Values





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